Dr. Michael "Sunshine" York

The Cutter


The Cutter

Cutter Moves

Choice Cut: Choose one location: Head, Chest, or Abdomen. Take +1 ongoing to treat moves to operate on this location

Reputation: When you meet a flag officer or influential civilian, roll luck. On 10, they’ve heard of you and you take 1 forward for dealing with them. On 7-9, they’ve heard some juicy gossip about you. On a miss, they’ve heard of you, but what they’ve heard is not flattering.

Role Move

The Casanova: When you have sex with someone, hold two. You can spend those holds, one for one, to take +1 forward to Influence the other person.


Luck: -2
Nerve: 2
Skill: 2


-0 | -1 | -2 | -3 | -4 | -5 | -6


– 0 | -1 | -2 | -3 | -4 | -5 | -6


You have 1 Hx with -The Bully, Dr. Meister Reconciled somewhat after last game’s events.
You have +1 Hx with The Clown, Pvt. Pence the Grunt.

Rotation Points


Service Data

Service Number: 1969444
Date of Service: August 10, 1951
Rank & Pay Grade: Captain
Date of Rank: August 19, 1951
Monthly Pay
Sent Home %
Savings $
Position, Field or Specialty

Personal Data

Last Name: York
First Name: Michael
Middle Name: Eugene
Race: White
Sex: yes please
Blood Type: B+
Age or Date of Birth: 27
Homefront: Los Angeles, CA
Dependents: None, Wife deceased. Dog ran over by a car.
Obligations: Attachment to stray cat in the camp
Other Remarks:
p. Possesses not much more than a picture of his wife. Skilled surgeon, graduated top of his class.


Uniform: untucked
Face: Handsome
Eyes: Steely
Hair: Unkempt
Build: Wiry
Voice: Flat


Dr. York thought everything was going right for him before he joined the Unit. He graduated top of class from medical school as a surgeon and made a home in Los Angeles California, in the height of 1950. His upbeat and bright attitude earned him the name of “Dr. Sunshine.” However, disaster struck in June 1951, only a few days after the draft was announced. Dr. York’s wife died in a tragic accident trying to save the family dog who had been struck by a car, losing both of them. Before he could even sink in the loss, Dr. York was drafted into the 8099 Army unit as a MASH surgeon. He now takes an uncaring and cynical attitude towards everything in his immediate life, so other soldiers in the unit love the name of “Mr/Dr. Sunshine” as an ironic nickname. Having lost everything in his life, Dr. Sunshine now turns to dulling the emptiness inside by seeking pleasure from his female peers. He has particular fondness for a Nurse the unit calls “Honey,” who happens to be romantically involved with the only person in the Unit Dr. Sunshine calls a Friend: Private Pence, the Joker.

Despite being a ranking officer at Captain, Dr. Sunshine is bunked with Dr. Meister, who he doesn’t care much for, with his braggadocio attitude. His bragging about attending Johns Hopkins (even though Dr. Sunshine claims it was only for a semester) and his less-than-favorable luck treating patients makes Dr. Sunshine call Dr. Meister the nickname of “Johnny Chopkins.” However, after recent, horrifying experiences in war, it seems both the doctors at least tolerate each other.

Dr. Michael "Sunshine" York

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