Ep 1: Pilot
Still No More


I don't have much time, sis.  The MPs are going to be here any minute.  It's been a  rough week.  Let me 'splain.  No, there is no time.  Let me sum up:

  • Deere burns down his tent with our still.
  • Curt, Pastor Parks and I went to see about getting replacement parts from Pak at his village. He wanted food in exchange; the winter <s>is</s>was hitting their village pretty hard.
  • Hye-Jin made me another bracelet.  Mr Goodbar and Reece's woven together.  
  • When we got back to base we started rounding up food.  I went after Ealy's chocolate for Hye-Jin.  We left a bunch of empty wrappers.
  • Some of the others raided the mess for things we won't miss.
  • Later in the afternoon, when we were loaded up and ready to head back to the village, a grunt unit brought in some wounded from a firefight nearby.  They usually don't get that close, so don't worry.
  • Their corporal was bragging about their attack and a village that sounded close to Pak and Mye-Jin's.  
  • When I noticed he was wearing a bracelet made from candy bar wrappers his shoulder exploded out towards me.  He had been hit from behind.  The PVA followed them to camp. I remember hitting him with my rifle, partly to get him out of the way but mostly to hurt him. I somehow found myself on a roof pinning down some flankers while the grunts fought them off.
  • The guy's arm was was in bad shape.  Lt Mary-Anne and Honey (Nurse Linda, I told you about her before) had to do emergency surgery to amputate it to save his worthless life.
  • We loaded up the food quickly and Curt took me and the two nurses back to the village.  There was nothing left.  I jumped out before Curt even stopped the jeep and ran to their house.  She was dead, L.  Really dead.  Hole in her head and I just held her and cried. I've seen dead people since I got here but not someone I knew.  Not someone who was innocent of all this, just tying her knots and learning to read.
  • Then Pak got back with a cart full of copper and other stuff for our still.  Because we make our fun pretending that fucking thing is the center of the earth that man got to see his entire family and village a burned wreck.  He didn't even want to bury them.  He just started loading the cart into the jeep andwe took him back.
  • At Camp Ealy threw a fit about the jeep being missing.  Lt Mary-Anne decked him a good one.  He slapped back.  I kneed him when we don't say.  Then Sunshine came and broke it up.
  • I knew he was in that tent recovering from his surgery.  I couldn't help it and went to look. He was lying there, stoned off his ass from the morphine.  I crimped his IV line.  He doesn't deserve relief from his pain.  I wanted to do so much more. Honey could tell what i was thinking and took me out of there.

I hear the gang outside now stalling the MPs.  I'll finish this later if i can.  I asked Pastor Parks to make sure you get this.  Give Mom my love.  Study hard.


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